I have lived 40 some even years. And I can tell you many things that relate to all that you all have kindly shared. I love the internet and not Television or movies. Propaganda is evil. And TV and Radio practices this all the time. Just like the movie “Something about mary”. A BIG LIE. Truth is prevailing with the WWW. People can now hear truth if you filter it correctly and find facts to back it. I was in the Army. In the Army, I ws so deprived of sex due to being out in the “field” or “deployed” that I learned that refraining from masturbation was an aid to a man/soldier. You are stronger physically and mentally. You are faster, more ambitious about life and it’s challenges to the point, at least for me, I felt nothing was impossible. Then I got out honorably. Life starting going down hill. Porn and masturbation and being alone was a VIRUS. But once I started to have serious sexual relationships (women) in my life. It didn’t really matter if I ejaculated as long as it was “real” sex not masturbation. Something occurs when you have the “right” partner” and something bad occurs when you have a “negative, bad” partner. I had one woman, who wanted sex more than me. And she was a negative evil woman. Who drained my balls dry as much as she could to make me lazy, fat, and have no drive for life. You have to be careful my brothers in choosing a mate. Then I went to an episode of solitude, internet porn as much as I desired. I masturbated 4-7 times a day. I couldn’t sleep. I had no ambition. I avoided women, I avoided exercise, etc, etc.

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