Of course I got the obvious social proof by seeing friends, but I also just sat at the bar like I didnt give a shit where they were or what they were doing. While she was being swarmed by guys on the way to and at Gaswerks (up until I grabbed her hand), I was the only guy (well, Kurt eventually did too) who went about his business, with or without her. This conveyed that I didn't really care about her.

When I grabbed her hand, I did it for two reasons. I knew the bars were getting ready to close, so I knew we wouldnt be able to make it to Spice (I wasnt dressed for it anyway), but I wanted to do another semi-venue change anyway to rapidly build more comfort. I also did it because I was thinking about getting these two girls home. By grabbing her hand, I knew that she was comfortable with me because she let me grab it and lead her, but when I let go, her hand just flopped. I let go to see if she was really comfortable with me. If she would have lightly latched on to my fingertips I knew that she'd be comfortable enough to come home with me. However, she wasn't quite there yet, so I decided not to ask them to come back with us.

There wasn't enough time to build enough comfort to get her to come home, so I decide to just chill outside. The girls say that they have to pee, but instead of letting them go wander around aimlessly, I decide to take charge and tell them that I'll show them where it is. I show them, and all of us (the four of us guys) just grab a seat, and chill with a "I don't give a shit if they come back or not" look on our faces. They return.

Did you guys notice how I had been suggesting everything all night and leading the way? You need to do this more to show that you are a man, a leader. I'm your wing, so Im more than willing to follow you if you suggest anything. the relaxed look we had conveyed that we were high status and didn't need to chase them around and wait on them by the restroom while they potty, like AFC's usually do.

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