Anticipated response: “I don't have any.” Or “Absolutely not. Let me go.”

Reply: Wrap your legs and arms around tighter and don't let go. “You don't leave until you tell me a sexy story. You have a great imagination. No excuses.”

Anticipated response: Silence or “No.”

Reply: “If you had to write a sexy romance novel would the theme be: pirate/captive, patient/doctor, school girl/professor? Pick one. Now tell me what is your lovely heroine's name? [Insert her name?] How did she meet her rogue, [insert your name]? Does she resist him initially? How does he win her over? Does he do this?” Start touching her breasts. If there is no resistance, continue the questioning, “What about this?” Touch her elsewhere; continue the pattern.

Anticipated response: Stop It.

Reply: Then tell me the story.

Anticipated response: She tells one and really tries.

Reply: “Why you little vixen you! I can't believe you think of naughty things like that.” Then let her go.

Anticipated response: She tells one but makes no effort, and willfully makes it boring or ends poorly, like the heroine slaps the rogue and leaves the country never to be seen again.

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