Sometimes my mum makes my eyeballs want to bleed. God knows I love the woman but she is clearly smoking some sort of crack.... Only my mum could phone me up, launch into an insane waffle about herself and then finally ask how I am and before I get to answer launch into another waffle about the fact that she can't believe that she just waffled at me for all that time and how much she hates people that do it. Er HELLO! You're still doing it!

And she gave me one of her choicy lines today: "Well you're alright now. You have a man."

Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! I'm so lucky that I haven't grown up f*cked up with this type of social programming. Actually scratch that. I'm so lucky that I have overcome the hurdle of being f*cked up with this type of social programming. And I didn't even have to go on Jeremy Kyle/Oprah/Dr Phil etc. Can you imagine me on Jerry Springer with my mother in a headlock?

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