Yup, my post isn’t as much about ways to apply Girl Game as it is about understanding who you’re dealing with – which is important to know too, don’t you think?

A “natural” Alpha, particularly one who was popular in high school and college, might have a lot of Beta tendencies later in life or can be gently nudged to act Beta (in a good way) towards a girl he really likes.

What inspired this post was a guy I’m seeing right now who was popular. He still has the looks and personality where women much younger and prettier than me are all over him. I have wondered for while why he likes me then, and is bringing up marriage so early. Doesn’t he want to have fun with all those girls still…?! Or at least get with a girl better than me?

aoefe PERMALINK September 29, 2009 9:21 am Doesn’t he want to have fun with all those girls still…?! Or at least get with a girl better than me?

LSB I’m sure part of your charm is in not thinking you’re all that. My guess without seeing you is that you’re lovely. You work hard on your femininity, your food consumption and your overall impression. Add to that your lack of sluttiness, your desire to take care of your man and your holding out for marriage and you become a catch! That’s why he wants you. Enjoy.

novaseeker PERMALINK September 29, 2009 10:04 am I’m not so sure that the theory that the men who are rakes earlier in life get it out of their system, if you will. I do think that it’s a given that a non-natural alpha PUA is someone who was not successful with women prior to becoming a PUA — otherwise one would not have become a PUA. But most men are not terribly successful with women when compared with natural alphas.

Quite a few natural alphas will remain Cads their entire lives. Look at some of our alpha politicians — Clinton, Edwards, Berlusconi and so on. Chasing skirts has not gotten old for these guys, and I doubt they were ever really unpopular when young — they’re natural alphas.

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