Russian volume lashes as the name suggests is an unique lashing method that came from Russia. When recognized was timeless lash techniques Russian musicians by hand created eyelash extensions that were constructed out of 2-5 slim mink lashes. These extensions were used at the base is each private lashes making Russian lash service technicians really popular for their expert handcraft industry.When it concerns making use of the Russian quantity strategy the lash service technician uses more than one extension per natural eyelash as well as fan them out to make it appear like more lashes are naturally outgrowing one spot.If you're searching for even more quantity in your eyelashes then the Russian volume is for you, it produces an extremely gorgeous and extravagant appearance that's difficult to disregard.Russian quantities need that you replenish them at the very least every 3 weeks to keep them looking glowing and full however generally they last for around 6 weeks.Just like classic lashes, our Russian lashes are made with premium PBT (artificial fibers) but also for this technique, thinner extensions like 0.03-0.07 mm would certainly be required to make it very easy and also smooth to use more than one lash strand per all-natural lash.The Russian quantity lashes is usually light weight in nature making it simple to for it's follower to perfectly twist around your client's all-natural lashes as well as provide it best quantity a special lash line and density.If you have a customer that's searching for a much more duller look yet without the little weight of classic lashes after that quantity lashes would be excellent for that because it is cosy as well as light and also because method much less glue is made use of when taking care of quantity lashes your client will not really feel anything at all.

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