Carlos telephoned me because he wanted to hear from his father, Gustavo, who'd died several years ago. At the beginning of our session, he told me he'd dreamed of his father, who appeared as a phantom-like figure on the edge of his unconscious awareness. Gustavo had spoken to him, but his voice had sounded blurred, like he was speaking underwater. And that made no sense to Carlos, because his father hadn't drowned.I centred myself and asked my guides to bring me Carlos' father. After a bit of uncomfortable stillness, I felt a male energy, but the spirit seemed like he was in the far corner of my reading room. Was this Gustavo? Why was he being so difficult?Let me tell you what I'm getting," I said, concentrating on the ephemeral presence nearby. "The spirit is male. A heavy-set fellow with big hands. And now he's pointing to his head. There's a pain in his head.Carlos hissed, "Yes." Then he took a breath and said, "Go on."The spirit drew closer to me and I felt compelled to stand up. I said with an edge in my voice, "Let it go." That surprised me, giving such a sharp command to my client. "That's how your father would speak, right?"Yes. When he was angry about something.Well, your father isn't angry. He's-A searing pain stabbed my left temple. My eyes squeezed shut and I gritted my teeth. If this isn't mine, I thought, take it away. The pain vanished. And then I knew what had happened._