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Sarah Cavendish

2005 Jun 14 - 13:45 | add new comment | latest article | previous article | next article | permanent link It depends on your view of things Sarah,

I believe one could answer the question "is Taken In Hand a moral matter?" with "yes or no, depending on one's view of things". As a simple analogy, consider vegetarianism.

Some people do not eat meat products for moral reasons, they believe that animals are mistreated and consuming their bodies contributes to an immoral practice.

Others do not eat meat for practical reasons, they believe that cholesterol and other parts of meat are not good for the people who eat the meat.

It is also possible to refrain from meat eating from a combination of moral and practical reasons.

I think it could be sensible for a couple to consider their Taken In Hand relationship part of a larger moral philosophy that includes submission of women. It could also be possible to choose such a relationship for the practical reasons you - and others - have stated. And it could be a combination of reasons, just like being a "vegan".

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Jun 16 - 18:45 | reply to this comment A moral matter? Crikey, that's a real passion-killer. My reason for having a Taken In Hand relationship is that I find it sexy, neither moral nor practical reasons appeal at all,if anything could put me off the whole idea completely it's that it could be a 'moral matter'.

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