And she keeps going on and on and on, trying to get a response out of me. The girl was practically throwing me the pussy, and all I had to do was take it. You see, my pimpin’ may be right, but when you’re messing around with these superficial girls, freaks of the night, something is missing, and go find it, I just might.

It is then that I realize that I am just growing up, and no longer really have an interest in your typical nightclub girl. After having all of those conversations with the witty, highly educated women at my last job, I’ve developed a taste for those types of women. And those types of women just don’t roam your younger nightclubs. I don’t go after any of the women I meet simply because they aren’t my type. The young dumb girls were fun when I was younger, but now I sorely desire for a woman to stimulate my mind.

Hello there, You always says that you hate to chase after women. I don't chase girls neither. But I don't truly understand what do you have on you mind. I know that girls open you constantly so you don't have to open them. And what happens when girls don't open me? I have to open them first, and here is my question, what do you consider as chasing girls?? Does opening is chasing, does being direct is chasing, does saying what you think and feel is chasing? What's chasing?? Because being direct and honest bring me some successes and never I get rejected in a unpleasant way because of being honest and charming. This bring me to the point, where I believe that everyone is different and for everyone works something else.

Thanks for your answer!

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