Social activism is an organized action for the purpose of collectively bringing about social change in any community or society. If you are deeply concerned about a social problem and are working actively towards a solution, you may be considered a social Activist. An active activist is someone who is actively working towards social change in his or her community or society. Activists are also known as social workers and peacemakers. They work to promote awareness, help people and communities, and strengthen community and political structure through civil disobedience or other creative forms of civil disobedience.Activism can be related to a number of different things. There are people who engage in purely social activism such as those who focus on social issues and human rights. Activists can also be organizers, followers, and creators of events and campaigns. Political activism can be understood as participating in political affairs of a nation or country and becoming an active part of that political system through any of its institutions or elected representatives.Activism can also take many forms. Some activists are organizers or members of advocacy groups. Other activists are professional human rights defenders, domestic violence counselors, and advocates for the homeless. Activists who work in the field of social work are teachers, counselors, psychologists, lawyers, and health professionals. A few types of social activism include anti-capitalism, environmentalism, ethnic awareness, and ethnic and cultural pluralism.There are various ways you can become more involved in your community and local social action movements. If you have an interest in human rights, find ways to get involved by finding out what human rights are and what you can do to help people who are struggling with human rights issues. Find out what you can do at your place of employment to help fight discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Get educated about your rights as a member of the public.Be careful though if you choose to be involved in political activism. You may become disillusioned if you begin to think that your efforts are not really working. If happens to you, then leave politics and go for something less stressful. , at its core, is all about the government getting involved to affect change in a society. If you are disillusioned, find other forms of social activism.If have skills in a specific area that you think would help people in their day-to-day lives, try to get involved in community service. You might also want to consider a career as a social worker, counselor, psychologist, or worker's compensation attorney. have stable job outlooks and good salaries, but they require a lot of hard work. If you have the technical skills to become an advocate for the disadvantaged, you might want to consider becoming an advocate with a law firm or practicing law at a university. The wages and hours of these positions usually match the typical salary ranges for attorneys.There are also other jobs on the lower end of the salary range for social activists. Some of these include being a receptionist at a law firm, being a paralegal, or answering the phone and making appointments for lawyers. If you are really looking to make a difference in the world, consider becoming a volunteer. While it can take years of schooling and training to become an academic counselor, most programs allow you to experience the principles of social justice firsthand. You will get valuable experience in a classroom environment, and many programs also allow you to serve on a national level as an advocate for the poor or vulnerable. Most programs run on a nonprofit model, so the funds are in good places.The last major area of social activism is becoming an advocate for the mentally ill. People who suffer from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are not often given treatment by the medical community. If you have a passion for helping people and have compassion for their plight, this could be a perfect career choice for you. Average salary ranges for this job are about forty thousand dollars a year.

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