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Seems like a mighty familiar dynamic, right? Alphas get the sex that the betas only dream of. What might come of such a widespread ‘ethos’ from many of your fellow classmates? Asked and answered in the next comments there. [Quoted verbatim]

” River_Tam [To] dbe222 • a year ago−
> “The simple algorithm is this: we hook up with the guys we are attracted to but who are not nice/good guys…” [Gee I Like Algorithms here too! And for Sex!]

“If a guy is not a good guy, do not hook up with him”.

“Both of the anonymous accounts of sexual assault from yesterday’s YDN [Yale Daily News] involved acquaintances that were “more than friends” but not quite boyfriends (as did the allegations in the Pat Witt case).

Sure, not every asshole will commit sexual assault. But if you know that he’s too much of an asshole to date, why in the world are you letting him in your pants?”
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penny_lane [To] River_Tam • a year ago
> “But if you know that he’s too much of an asshole to date, why in the world are you letting him in your pants?

My thoughts exactly!” [End Quotes from YDN]

So let’s review. This poor young dude David is still calling himself a ‘nice guy’ despite being secretly mocked for this by most of his classmates with ovaries. But this being Yale & all they’re being awfully polite about it all. They know it’s literally poison for any guy to describe himself thusly, even as a ‘joke’ or in any ironic way or fashion. It means literally you Must be self unaware and secretly not ‘confident’ enough to manage to ever get any action. From anyone, for any reason. It’s a self fulfilling, self negating prophecy, no matter which pond you’re swimming in or aiming for. Which he’s already told us, as he’s been trying.

So again the Hannah Rosin, ‘Hooking up Dumb’ paradox asserts itself. If as a ‘well educated’ gal you’re going to sex those dudes you’d literally be ashamed to be seen with in the light of day, and occasionally need a ‘plausibly deniable excuse’ for same from your roommate or suite mate to possibly defend your ‘honor’ {I know! How decrepit!}/er…Choices to your parents/grandparents/friends & family/sponsors? How & why does this seem to be happening with recurring frequency to smart gals? And seeing how in the ‘lower classes’ in ‘lesser educated’ mortals this leads to plenty of fatherless kids, how might it be continuing at Yale to such an extent that entire classes of feckless but still very marriageable Betas are forever locked out tight from this now mysterious (to them) SMP? Does everyone get to ride out the carnage of their 20′s, no questions asked as long as you’re (hopefully) not trailing so many kids/injuries behind you? Inquiring minds might want to know. Cheers, ‘VJ’

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