Violent crime happens more in poor/inner city neighborhoods. You only hear about it when idiot rich-guys settle next door to these places. (I believe Memphis *aka Mogadishu* is a good example of this. Mansions across the street from skid row.) It’s a matter of population distribution. More minorities live where the crime rates are higher.

The average white suburbanite will not comprehend Obsidian’s statements about not looking like a thug and, yet, putting his game face on every time he steps out the door. He legitimately has just as much to fear from the police as he does the local riff. Both can be terribly conducive to a shortened life span and/or total ruin. In fact, in some instances, the police are a bigger threat to his long-term livelihood than any mugger. You give the mugger your money and he generally leaves you alone. If O walks down the street and happens to be the first 6 foot African-American wearing a black shirt the police are looking for, he’s about to face an interview that determines where he might spend the next couple of years.

Knowing this, I cannot imagine why white youth hold up thug culture. It’s not a survival trait for them. Inviting the discrimination of the police, without any benefit to surviving their neighborhood, is just plain stupid.

87Jason April 21, 2011 at 4:08 am

I must be confused here Jason. You acknowledge that she walked freely into the lion pit, yet the situation was not completely preventable? So you hesitate to go and say that she could’ve made the choice to not walk into the lion’s pit?

I hesitate to apply “completely” to anything because of an unfortunate habit I have of qualifying everything I say. It was preventable, there were a number of easy steps she could have taken to avoid the situation. If anything was completely avoidable this was.
Jason´s last [type] ..The Best Things In Life Are Free

88Susan Walsh April 21, 2011 at 6:50 am
If we’re being completely honest to young women here, are we also going to tell them to be especially suspicious of black guys?

I think it’s more accurate to tell women to be especially suspicious of entitled male students, i.e. varsity athletes, who get a lot of tail and feel it is their right. Ditto for frat guys, who tend to be segregated by race. The other men likely to perpetrate rape will be harder to spot. There’s no shortage of sexual assaults perpetrated by white guys. In any case, I think that women should apply the same standards of caution and prudence to all men equally – no going with strangers.

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