An attempt to explain the inexplicable.
Love.  It’s the subconscious motivator for most songs ever written.  It adds the color to our spoken word and emotional scenery.  Without it, our world would be similar to the Giver’s: grey, monotonous, and utterly stoic.  People fight because of love, they fight for love, and they talk on behalf of love.  They do this, knowingly or not, but they do it for love. 


It is complicated, never to be understood.  It dares philosophers, scientists, engineers, and all other professions in life to provide an answer.  Yet, there is none.  It confuses for good or bad.  One can’t attack love or defend love because they will never understand.  But it is there, in your face, around you, in you, giving you panic attacks, it glistens your joy, or destroys you and leaves you begging under the dark dust of a new moon. 


Love moves state capitals. One in love is invincible, a glorified knight in armor, indestructible, but enormously vulnerable.  Love will make you laugh and weep.  It will make you get on your knees or run away.  Love can be insecure and indecisive, but also determined and clear.      


Some have distinguished the difference of being in love and loving.  But what if it is just a joke LOVE likes to play on us?  To fall in love, to be in love, or to love – the types of love escalate like its ambiguous use. 


But there is something to love.  We need love because it brings people together.  It is behind and in families.  And it is in and behind break ups.  It hurts us but binds us.  Maybe not at the same time, but it certainly can.  When it binds and hurts is when it pulls us apart – it drive us crazy inside.  It is crazy. 


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