As a strong woman, I have an even stronger desire to be under my husband's control, it is one way (when it eventualy happens) for me to relax into this submissive role. Think that's why I've always favoured it. playing "horsies" 2022-01-19 (水) 00:44:48 :-))

Grace :-)

by Grace on 2005 Jul 10 - 20:14 | reply to this comment
Works For Us
The Missionary Position works for me. When I tell my wife to prepare herself for me, she gives me this look like Im a god and when she she opens her legs ...... she gets it good. She likes me to lay my full 325 lbs of "solid muscle" on her. Yep - works for me.

by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Jul 10 - 20:21 | reply to this comment
Great article! I agree completely... there is something about having a man lying on top of you that is so fullfilling and natural.

I was reading an e-book yesterday called Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume III that really explains a lot of the things Taken in Hand readers describe.

by ucsbgirlie18 on 2005 Jul 10 - 20:39 | reply to this comment
Hot stuff!
Yes, I definitely agree with all of you! My husband loves to "mount" me, as he lovingly calls it, and it's very hot and sexy! He is much taller and bigger than me, and I love the feeling of his big body on top of mine as we make love.

I don't really enjoy being on top, and fortunately my husband isn't crazy about it, either. However, we really enjoy doggy style, and yes, I love it when he spanks me or holds onto my hair! I feel very sexual and submissive when we make love this way. We are both very happy!

by babydoll on 2005 Jul 10 - 20:41 | reply to this comment
Is it submissiveness?
BlueRose quipped that it is submissiveness rearing its head, and perhaps she is right. But given that many think that “submissive” means “service-orientated submissive” or “servile nothing woman” or “doormat” or “one whose identity depends so much on being thought submissive that she will do anything at all, irrespective of how wrong it feels to her, just to avoid having her 

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